Based on Thor's step sequencer, this is full of melodic and rhythmic Thor and Combi patches.


AUD $9.95

Roar Order Reviews


"From the moment I started browsing the patches I was mighty impressed by the skilled sound design and attention to detail. This refill also contains some real gems in the programming of the Thor and has increased my knowledge of this powerful instrument. A broad range of sounds are on offer and anyone interested in modulated and syncopated electronic sounds will be like a kid in a candy shop. The file structure of the refill is well thought out and the extra material will come in handy. All in all this is a quality refill and highly recommended."


"It's definitely a lot of fun playing with all the sequencers of the PZP Roar. You use Thor in a great way. I was fed up with the usual Reason sounds, so this is really a refreshment. The patches of the Roar Order Refill have a main role in my current music project with Berlin singer Meg. To me, a mind-blowing project! There'll be an album at the end of the year and I guess there'll be many of your sounds included."


"I have been playing with the refill and just want to say it is outstanding. There is so much potential there for coming up with new ideas etc - just what I needed! I almost wish this refill could remain a well-kept secret, but in all sincerity I hope you sell big numbers as it is a quality product."


"The refill is stunning, so easy to use and wonderful sounds and patterns .... Not only does it sound good but looks good...I'm really happy with it like all of your products ...well worth the money and thanks again for all of your help"


"This is probably one of your best refills yet. I give yo 5 star.

Keep it up buddy."

Roar Order Reviewed by Resonant Filter

Point Zero Productions would like to introduce you to this new unique, playful and completely professional ReFill exclusively built for Propellerhead Reason based completely on built in devices.